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According to the restrictions due to coronavirus, this year's event has been cancelled. Keep in touch online, we will show the results of our creative competition "From raw wool to finished piece" on our website on 18th of April, 2020.


Hungarian Wool Festival


 „Tradition is not to preserve the ashes but to pass on the flame.”

Thomas More



Hungarian Wool Festival has been established in 2013. by civil initiative, it’s a non-profit event. Our mission is dissemination of information and community building: open a space for the dialogue between interested parties, linking supply and demand together, and presentating and promoting practical knowledge about wool-related handicrafts by a cozy event.


Wool Festival provides an opportunity for the artisans and craftsmen to show their art and craft, and a family program for the guests. 
Visitors can meet the steps of the wool processing by hand, can see presentations and exhibition of wool-related textiles, and they can buy high quality handmade goods directly from the artists. 
Adventurous guests are welcomed to enter for spinnning and knitting challenges.
The event is free for everyone.



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